How to Book a Picnic/Experience

***Once you have requested our services, it is not confirmed until we email back confirming our availability.


Step One:


All of our current services are outlined under the “Book Online” tab found on the top of the website

Step Two:


Choose any service from our updated list

Step Three: 

Once you have picked a service, read through the “Booking Policy” at the bottom of the page and then click “Request to Book”

Step Four: 

Pick a bolded date on the calendar to view available time slots.

Step Five: 

Our available timings for the day selected will pop up underneath the calendar. Once you select the timing, click on “Next”

Step Seven: 


You will receive a confirmation email from us with the information you provided.


We will review your request and let you know if we will be able to accommodate it.

Step Eight: 


If we approve your experience, we will reach out to you regarding further details (location, pricing, etc.)! We will set it up before you arrive. 


Step Nine: 


Enjoy the event!

Step Six: 

Fill out the required information (name, email, number of guests, etc.). The more specific you are the better we will be able to accommodate your request and make your day that much better! 

Finally click “Request to Book” to submit the request!